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Sophie Hayes Foundation is the only independent organisation in the UK that solely focuses on development programmes that lead to education, employment, and independence for survivors of human trafficking.


We are committed to helping achieve sustainable freedom and creating a brighter future. Our purpose is simple, “A better future for every survivor of human trafficking, leading to a better society for all”.

By joining the Freedom Circle, you will lead the way towards building a society that views and treats survivors of slavery with respect and allows every woman freed to realize her potential, achieve her goals and a better future.

By committing to a donation of £1,000 per year for three years, you will be giving long term stability to our programmes which guide survivors into further education and employment, ensuring that they are no longer victims and have an equal opportunity without discrimination

due to their past, their background or race.

Members of the Freedom Circle receive:


Knowledge that your support is going to the women who need it and can make the most of the opportunities on offer.


Opportunities to meet experts in the field of human trafficking who will share their insights and knowledge about this challenging topic.


Invitations to exclusive private events, including, opportunities to meet senior staff, Trustees and leaders fighting human trafficking.


Twice-yearly updates and breaking news alerts, giving in-depth knowledge of the Sophie Hayes Foundation’s progress.


Recognition in the online roll call and a thank you in our Annual Report.

Become a member today and make sustainable freedom a reality for survivors of human trafficking.

Read stories of hopes and aspirations from survivors

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