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In the past few years, Sophie Hayes Foundation

has supported nearly 700 survivors from over 57 countries.

Our programmes have helped survivors gain the skills they need to achieve the freedom they deserve by giving them the skills to live independent lives. To date we have supported hundreds of women gain valuable life changing employability experiences across a diverse range of sectors: health & social Care, The National Health Service, retail, finance, light Industry, fashion, hospitality and volunteering. Additionally many have progressed on to higher education.

Survivor countries

Consistent feedback from survivors reaffirms the impact of the programmes and their outcomes:


82% increased confidence

80% increased knowledge in CV building and how to be employable

94% survivors would recommend the Foundation to
other survivors

81% survivors rated the employability programme highly

100% would recommend the Foundation to other survivors

Exploitation knows no boundaries, any age, any religion, any country, any ethnicity as highlighted by the statistics from 2021

Exploitation chart.jpg

Sexual exploitation of the victims

of human trafficking and modern-day slavery is common. The types of exploitation survivors suffered in 2021 increased from 2020 with more being victims of multiple forms of exploitation and one a victim of organ harvesting.

Of the 240 survivors

in 2021, the youngest was 18 years old

and the eldest 64. The survivors who gave their age revealed vulnerabilities across the full adult lifespan. More than 50% are over 40 years: some in their sixties.

Age chart .jpg
Religion chart.jpg
Ethnicity chart.jpg

Modern slavery is a growing pandemic across the world.

50 million people are living in modern slavery today, with an estimated 136,000 living in plain sight in the UK.


Please consider donating today to enable us to carry on our essential work, helping women survive and thrive, and achieve sustainable freedom.

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