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Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Learning & Development

Provided by the Sophie Hayes Foundation

Local authorities across the UK are at the sharp end of dealing with a variety of important issues related to modern slavery and human trafficking. These can include:
Victim identification


Perpetrator identification

alongside law enforcement

Provision of and signposting

to statutory and non-statutory support services for survivors

Sharing survivor perspectives

and lived experience

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It is a difficult time for local authority leaders, elected members, and officials, as they look to balance the books and prioritise services. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is one amongst many urgent and complex issues councils will have to navigate, often without specialist and continued support and training.

As a council leader, member, or official are you looking to understand your own and your colleagues awareness of the crimes of slavery and trafficking, how they can present or disguise within your local communities, and the pathways to freedom for survivors you can support within your area?

Sophie Hayes Foundation offers a tailored training and development to local authorities in their efforts to build understanding and nuanced approaches to counter exploitation and support survivors.

We can provide training and development on the following topics:

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Recognising the Signs 

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking in the local community

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Reducing the Obstacles

Adapting local services and workplaces to be inclusive of survivors

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Supporting Survivors

Navigating the system from a survivors’ perspective

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Empowering Survivors

Unlocking potential of survivors as actors for change in communities

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Understanding the Impact

Hearing survivor experiences of exploitation in UK communities

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Choosing Exploitation-Free Communities

Working with businesses and consumers to make exploitation-free choices

Training and development can be delivered in whatever way suits you best, but options could include:

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Short one-off lunch & learn sessions

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Full-Day training spanning multiple topics

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Sharing survivor perspectives and lived experience

Training is delivered by our expert team with lived and extensive learnt experience of the modern slavery and human trafficking sector. We can provide introductory and follow-up information for your teams to ensure they take as much from the sessions as possible.

We can help

If you care passionately about making your community exploitation-free, raising your own awareness or that of your team on modern slavery, human trafficking, and the experience of survivors with local services, please get in touch.

As a charity providing survivor services, our fees for training sessions support the delivering of our vital work. These range from between £500 for a one-off webinar, to £5,000 for a full-day training.

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