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2024 is an important political year in the UK, starting with local, mayoral, and Police & Crime Commissioner elections on the 2nd of May.


Local councils play a vital role in the identification and support of survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking and the pursuit of perpetrators. We have worked with women survivors of slavery and trafficking for over a decade and see the effects of these crimes on individuals and communities.


Will you sign up to stand with us, and survivors of slavery and trafficking, and call on your newly elected councils, PCCs, and MPs to commit to prioritising this urgent issue and providing adequate support to those affected by it?


Ahead of the May elections, we are calling on incoming and existing local councillors to:

  • Identify a Modern Slavery champion within their council who can take the lead on this issue, ensuring it remains high up the agenda.

  • Introduce a Modern Slavery Charter for the local community to set key commitments to identify and support survivors and pursue perpetrators of exploitation.

  • Consider where exploitation could be hidden in plain sight in their own services and supply chains, encouraging co-development between businesses and competent authorities.

  • Be survivor-informed and ensure perspectives of those with lived experience are fed into all approaches of local councils.

We will deliver the petition to all newly elected Council leaders, calling on them to join us as Modern Slavery champions.

Will you stand alongside the Sophie Hayes Foundation in calling on newly elected council leaders to commit to addressing exploitation and supporting survivors?


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