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Hope in the archives

Earlier this year, some participants of our Employability Programme completed work placements at one of our PartnerUp organisations, Birmingham Museums Trust. This is one survivor's story of how the experience impacted her.

My name is Linette*, and I’ve been living in the United Kingdom for approximately 7 years. My experience has really been a journey. I am a survivor of human trafficking, and after being in that predicament, I felt terrified — like I could never be myself again. I had years of feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

Joining Sophie Hayes Foundation back in 2021 gave me some of my confidence back. I started feeling better within myself, and I felt like there was hope to move forward and leave my trauma behind.

In September 2023, I was invited to a 4-week placement at the Birmingham Museum Trust as part of the Foundation’s Employability Programme — and it was such a good experience for me! I was able to get a feel for working life even though I wasn’t employed yet. I got to work as a team with other members and ensured that everyone was engaged in what we were doing. I learned digital auditing and inventory, checking stocks to ensure all items were in the right place. What excited me most was being able to learn more about the history of United Kingdom!

I’ve been living here since 2017, and I think it’s important to know the history of a specific place when you’re residing in it. Also, I know my ancestors were a part of the Windrush generation, so I was eager to learn about how things were like many years ago. I got to see how they lived and survived, how they washed and cooked, what the houses were like, what cars they drove, and more. It's always important to know your history no matter what country you’re in, because I feel like we are all connected in some way shape or form.

This programme has taught me so much, and I feel like I’ve become more knowledgeable and capable through it. It’s also given me confidence in my ability to find work in the near future, and I’m excited for what lies ahead. An opportunity like this has truly made a difference, and I can’t wait to apply all that I’ve learned through this placement!

If you're a business that wants to spark real change in people's lives, find out more about our PartnerUp programme in our upcoming webinar on 23 November 2023.

* Name has been changed for the protection of the participant

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