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As an industry leader in the world of cyber security,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise has committed to support

Sophie Hayes Foundation in our work to support survivors of

human trafficking and modern slavery, through the provision of the Cyber Security Essentials video training.


The free range of 13 video modules  help survivors, capitalise on the opportunities, recognise the risks, and stay safe when using technology.


This Cyber Security Training has been created in collaboration with the Foundation and includes survivor-informed content and review. All survivors enrolled in the Foundation's Employability Programme complete the Cyber Security Training in Module 1.

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free videos, 2 to 7 minutes each

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  • What is cyber-security

  • Personal Information, and your digital footprint

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Best practices in email security and keeping your devices safe using strong passwords

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  • Cookies and cache

  • WiFi & bluetooth security

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  • Reporting a phishing email, Detecting email spam

  • Password protected emails

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Sharing your location and updating your devices

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Features of secure messaging apps and useful tips

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  • Financial security

  • Making safe purchases 

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