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Our approach is to put the needs of each survivor at the centre of our activities so we can offer programmes that are relevant and able to help remove the barriers to sustainable freedom.


Over the years, we’ve brought people, organisations, and the government together to better understand survivors’ needs and to design programmes that will help them to achieve a better future.


Our programmes help participants build confidence, self-worth, and resilience. They also offer tangible skills  needed for employment to support each woman on her journey to independence. Lives not as victims or even as survivors, but as important members of society.


So far, we’ve helped hundreds of women gain valuable life-changing education and employment skills and experience across various sectors, from social care to health, retail to finance, fashion, hospitality, light industry and academics.

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I built more confidence and learn how to be more assertive in what I want to say.
Also, I believe that what I am saying is valid.


Learn more about our programme and get involved today.

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