Survivors of human trafficking  struggle to rebuild independence where voluntary, education and work placements are limited. This is where local & national Communities, Businesses and Faith Based organisations are instrumental partners in the delivery of our employability programme. These partnerships for work, voluntary and education experiences are the foundations to which survivors build their lives upon and hope for the future. 


Join The Sophie Hayes Foundation today and pledge to support 1000 Women in 1000 Days today!

Work placements

1000 Women across the UK will be looking for life changing opportunities .

Opportunities to build skills in work place environments, further education and volunteering. 

Placements which bolster confidence, a sense of self worth and real life experiences of working and engaging  with others.

CSR Opportunities

To support 1000 Women in 1000 days we are going to expand our programmes across the UK.

Could you support us through your CSR initiatives?

Could you volunteer with us?

Could you provide skills training?

Could you fundraise for us?

Could you pledge to support 1000 Women today?

Facilities & Locations

To deliver programmes for 1000 Women we have to ensure our Women do not have to travel long distances, heightening their sense of vulnerability.  This requires us to secure safe locations to deliver workshops and one to one coaching.

Could you support us do you have facilities we could utilise?

Corporate Partnerships

Each valuable partnership enables the collaborations of time, skills and donations, 

needed to support 1000 Women.

Join us today to discuss how you can support 1000 women towards sustainable freedom.

One day at a time. 

One woman at a time. 

One life at a time.

Sustainable Freedom through Independence. Independence through Employability. Employability to Sustainable Freedom for Women survivors of Human Trafficking.

107-111 Fleet Street. London. Greater London. EC4A 2AB. United Kingdom. Telephone: 020 7936 9880. Registered England & Wales Charity Number: 1145176. Registered Company Number: 78886303

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