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Updated: Feb 24, 2019

The stats on human-trafficking are harrowing; not one single person should be robbed of their dignity or their freedom. No ifs or buts. So, for me, the Sophie Hayes Foundation is about each individual survivor that joins our programme, and each individual woman who gains back the confidence to think about their future. The journey we take together form the baby steps that, partnered with their immense strength, really has an amazingly positive impact on the next phase of their lives.

I'm a lead facilitator on our Day 46 Programme, where we run a series of workshops each week, full of interesting (and sometimes scary!) topics, designed to encourage our ladies to think about their purpose, the skills they have but may not be aware of, build up confidence and prepare for the workplace.

We start week 1 with a group of apprehensive, excited facilitators, and apprehensive but very anxious survivors. The last week is comprised of a solid, strong group of women, with a beautiful, powerful sisterhood that connects us all. Wherever they have come from, whatever they have been through and wherever the future may take them, our purpose is to ensure we help unlock the inner strength they have to look forwards and prepare for the workplace. We learn together, build each other up and ultimately navigate towards a hope-filled future!

On my desk at work I have a card that sits proudly from one of our amazing participants, A:

"Thank you so so much for everything that you do for us, thank you for being there in this difficult and dark time, thank you for being a light in the dark, thank you for making me smile in those times when the only thing I wanted to do is cry"

...This is why we do what we do. This is why I love the Sophie Hayes Foundation. It really is about each individual survivor.

I will forever be humbled by each inspiring survivor I have the honour of meeting and the dedication and passion from everyone from the SHF team!

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