First time volunteering excitment and nerves...

I remember how it felt when the Day 46 participants entered the room for their first session, as it was my first time meeting them!

All the weeks of waiting and training and now I was actually getting to meet them!

It felt like an honour just to be in the same room as this group of incredible women and every week since, that feeling only grew.

Every Day 46 Workshop would always start with a silly game, which got us all giggling and then move on to exploring great questions about who they are and where they wanted to be in life and how to possibly get there.

To share eye contact with a participant who was opening up their hopes and dreams and being able to then respond to that with a big ‘YES’ made me feel like I’d really made an impact in someone’s life…and that I had!

It reminded me of how certain people in my life had told me that I could do something when I didn’t think that I could and now as a volunteer, I was getting to be that person for someone else.

Put simply, my experience volunteering with Sophie Hayes reminded me that we all need some kind of mentor/relationship in our lives in order to move ahead and at Sophie Hayes - you get to be that person.

Day 46 Volunteer Facilitator

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