In these challenging times, the difficulties women survivors faced before Covid-19 have now escalated to a new level of urgency. Their isolation to stay virus free brings added loneliness, heightened stress, crippling fear of personal safety and a desperation to avoid re-trafficking or the vicious grips of abusers.

At the Sophie Hayes Foundation, we are focused on support for survivors. Their well being is our primary concern. We work to reduce isolation through telephone and remote coaching sessions to continue to help them progress, and ensure ongoing contact to ensure that they know that they are not alone. We will not abandon the survivors. We will not allow COVID-19 to make a single survivor into a victim again,

Red Godfrey-Sagoo CEO.


To continue support and programme delivery for women survivors, we have had to innovate and find new ways to deliver the support and service needed.
COVID-19 has meant that we cannot deliver our Employability Programme in person, so we have developed increased remot check-ins, bespoke coaching modules and new digital platforms. Programme continuity is essential to minimise isolation, offer signposting to critical services and maintain hope for the future.

Ongoing reflection and assessment of our support during Covid-19, continues to direct our current work and will be a significant factor for the organisation as restrictions are lifted.