107-111 Fleet Street. London. Greater London. EC4A 2AB. United Kingdom. Telephone: 020 7936 9880

Registered England & Wales Charity Number: 1145176.  Registered Company Number: 78886303

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Let your creativity go wild and host a bake off or a bake sale!

Marathons to full club runs, race your way to 1000 Women !

Clothes swaps to jumble sales, create a local event and spread the word while fundraising!

Challenge yourself and raise funds, whilst beating the fear factor!

Trivia or serious brain testers, go for it challenge co-workers and friends!

No wedding gifts please, make a donation for 1000 Women 1000 Days!

Another birthday, invite family and friends to donate your age in £££'s

Silence at last, arrange a sponsored silence which will speak volumes for  our  women survivors!

Why wait for New Year, make that resolution today and sponsor 1 woman to independence 

Dance your way to 1000 Women, with a dance off with co-workers!

From a one off donation, to a bake sale, or leaving us a gift in your Will, there are many ways to help survivors of trafficking find sustainable freedom.  

Reach out to your networks! Why not fundraise at your workplace, university or faith group. Host a sponsored silence, a bake sale, or organise an auction of promises – the more creative the better!

Or contact our fundraising team for support!

Be Engaged. Raise Awareness. Get Involved