Advocacy and change through research

The Research & Policy division of Sophie Hayes Foundation aims to support and lead greater collaboration across NGOs, Government Bodies and Local Authorities for the purpose of pro-active policies in support of survivors of trafficking.

September 2018: The Sophie Hayes Foundation submission for Modern Slavery Enquiry ahead of Lord McColl's Modern Slavery (Victim Support Bill)


Co-Sponsors of support for the Conservative peer Lord McColl of Dulwich’s modern slavery (victim support) bill, which seeks to fill the gaps through which too many victims fall, with many becoming homeless and at risk of repeated exploitation. The bill would also give victims the stability they need to assist with prosecutions, greatly increasing the chance of more traffickers being convicted. more

United Kingdom Home Office, NRM Reform Advisory Group Membership in support of Croydon, Leeds, Nottingham, Redbridge, Derby and Birmingham Local authorities.

Free For Good campaign, fighting for prolonged support and better rights for survivors of trafficking.

Partnering with the Human Trafficking Foundation to establish a shared perspective on the support needed by survivors of trafficking across the UK.


Partnering with Bright Futures, the Co-operative Group scheme providing employment for survivors of trafficking across businesses.



Sophie Hayes Foundation published ‘Becoming Hope: stories, reflections and recommendations for trafficking and slavery in the UK’.

Download your electronic copy here.