Help survivors of human trafficking build productive lives.


Victims are living in plain sight throughout Britain, frightened to speak up, unable to run away, exploited, abused and in danger.


They need our help.


Once a woman is brave and/or fortunate enough to escape, the chances of her recapture are enormous. Her vulnerability to re-trafficking significantly increase without sustainable support. There are currently no government long-term employability support mechanisms for survivors to move their lives forward.


It’s a situation guaranteed to increase survivor vulnerability, further enabled by significant barriers for accessing education and financial independence.


Our Mission - Help 1000 Women in 1000 Days to live a sustainable life


We want to ensure that all women survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery achieve full and sustainable freedom through an independence that can only come with the ability to live and work without fear.


We offer support, skills training and mentoring so survivors can escape recapture, find employment and forge a new future.



Build confidence

Learn new skills

Become employable

Achieve independence

Walk away from fear

Access new opportunities 

Join the Survivor Network

Donate and give survivors access to:

Coaching and career planning

CV and interview training

Opportunities for studying or volunteering

Internships and work placements

Rescue does happen
People are freed
We do have survivors
But rescue does not mean Freedom

Sustainable Freedom through Independence. Independence through Employability. Employability to Sustainable Freedom for Women survivors of Human Trafficking.

107-111 Fleet Street. London. Greater London. EC4A 2AB. United Kingdom. Telephone: 020 7936 9880. Registered England & Wales Charity Number: 1145176. Registered Company Number: 78886303

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