Day 46 Programme

When the Sophie Hayes Foundation originally constructed the Day 46 programme, survivors of modern day slavery in the UK were eligible for 45 days of rest and reflection. Recent changes in the governmental NRM system are being put in place – see here for more details.*

Many safehouse providers report concerns about the long term safety and reintegration of survivors of trafficking, with many fearing that high numbers of survivors are re-trafficked because they are still vulnerable to traffickers, homelessness and poverty. The Day 46 Programme is a comprehensive programme comprising of workshops, a vocational voluntary placement, coaching and then accessing training, education or formal learning designed to support survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery as they transition from this ‘45 days’ of statutory emergency care (via National Referral Mechanism).

Our recent programme evaluation reported that our partner organisations conclude that the work of the Day 46 programme helps reduce their workload and fills a gap that other care providers cannot fulfil, due to lack of resources and expertise in the area. *More detailed research paper to be published soon.

Day 46 Workshops

A unique blend of eight face to face confidence, identity and employability sessions which comprise of group activities and discussions, 1:1 coaching and mentoring and, where possible, a bespoke voluntary work placement or training opportunity. This comprehensive package helps survivors develop greater resilience, independent living and employability skills.

Day 46 Workshops include a modular curriculum covering identity, resourcefulness tools and self awareness through to personal purpose, personal development, finding jobs, preparing CVs, preparing for interviews, exploring expectations within a UK workplace and working in a team.

Day 46 Vocational Placements

We provide training opportunities for survivors who have been through the Day 46 workshops and coaching to access unique training experiences with our partners across London. Through our vocational placements, women have experienced placements in hairdressing, charity management, tailoring, jewellery making, administration and social media management. Thank you to our amazing vocational partners across London who make this possible.

Coaching and Outreach

Many of the survivors we work with experience up to 6 1:1 coaching sessions with us through our Day 46 Outreach designed to help them make that final push into college, training or other educational programmes that will help them secure work at the right time. Our Day 46 Outreach programme is offered thanks to funding from Comic Relief and the London Community Foundation

Additionally, we run Day 46+ in London for our Day 46 Graduates. This consists of a monthly leadership development and skills building sessions, creating community and a sense of belonging. This was created to maintain connections and extend the thread of support, unity and solidarity. Unlike the Day 46 programme, Day 46+ is more flexible and collaborative with our women, encouraging independence.

Read some of our Stories of Hope to learn more about the Day 46 Programme in action.

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Supporting Survivors

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Since 2012, we have offered long-term, discreet assistance for survivors who contact us, providing opportunities for support and friendship with us and other survivors.

We also Day 46 Programmes across safe houses in London and now a day-time drop in centre where women can attend the programme. Click here to find out more!

We partner with other organisations in order to reach more women. We currently partner with Bramber Bakehouse where survivors of trafficking can be trained in the art of baking in the mornings and in the afternoons go through the Day 46 Programme.

We have also recently launched our first Day 46 in the Midlands!

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